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When Merry Beth’s husband Frank, a well-known pastor, was diagnosed with an “advanced and serious stage” of colon cancer, their happy, fast-paced life came to a screeching halt. But the doctor’s diagnosis was not the final word. The couple aligned their words with God’s Word and witnessed Frank’s miraculous healing three days later. His story of healing from cancer swept the newspapers in the United States and Europe, offering hope to millions who suffered from life-threatening illnesses. In Merry Beth’s Talk Yourself into a Miracle: Cancer Cure! ($7.50 paperback), she shares the keys to access a healthy life that’s better than readers could ever have imagined.

“Many believe that what we are living today, we spoke into existence yesterday, how much more powerful this statement becomes when we discover how to agree with God and start saying what He says about our life.”

Just as physicians and the public have understood the important mind-body connection in terms of health, Merry Beth Policastro takes this concept to the next level, detailing the powerful healing properties released by our spoken words and proven in the life of her once seriously ill husband. “Miracles don’t happen just by hoping and praying, but by taking concrete steps as prescribed in the Scriptures.”

Trained in classical archaeology and Jewish history, Frank and Merry Beth have been married for 34 years. They make their home in Washington, D.C., and in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


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