God Has A Miracle For You!


The Miracle is Waiting:

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Talk Yourself Into a Miracle:

Cancer Cure!

* God wants to heal you

* He has already provided healing through Jesus Christ’s work at the Cross

* Your situation is not beyond God’s healing power

* Recognize that faith-filled words are like the rudder of a ship, able to turn your life around

* Overcome common objections to healing

*Focus on the life-giving Word of God

* Includes ten pages of healing Scriptures to speak over your body

* Paperback, 60 pages, perfect to leave in a hospital room, or mail to friends & relatives!

Just as physicians and the general public have understood the important mind-body connection in terms of health, Merry Beth takes this concept to the next level, detailing the powerful healing properties released by our spoken words, and proven in the life of her once seriously-ill husband.

Readers will gain the specific tools necessary to turn around deadly health issues and live a vital new life full of energy and joy. They will learn that there is power in God’s Word.

Many believe that what we are living today, we spoke into existence yesterday. How much more powerful this statement becomes when we discover how to agree with God and start saying what He says about our life: we are forgiven, we are healed, we are created for a good life. Learn the keys to access a healthy life that’s better than you ever could have imagined! This book will help those who are sick, and those who love them, or take care of them.

The story of Frank’s healing from cancer has swept the newspapers in the US and in Europe and is offering hope to millions who suffer from life-threatening illnesses, reiterating that the doctors’ diagnoses are not the final word. God’s Word is greater than any problem we may face, but we must boldly declare it. Miracles don’t happen just by hoping and praying, but by taking concrete steps as prescribed in the Scripture. God loves you and wants you to be well! Here's how....

*Pass it on-- If you believe that God’s healing is for all, forward this message to others!